Cheat Sheet:Beach Wedding Styling

As the weather continues to warm up we can look forward to beautiful outdoor locations for the wedding season ahead and theres nothing more romantic and picturesque than a beach wedding.

However, it can pose a myriad of wardrobe puzzles for the bride and groom to solve. Traditional suits can look over the top and out of place. Bridesmaids can look too casual next to the bride in an effort to create a "laid back" vibe. And another big riddle is whether everyone should wear shoes on the sand?

Between us, the team at The Bridesmaid Studio has witnessed, participated in or been involved somehow in an infinite amount of weddings and wedding related decisions. So, we feel we can give you the scoop and let you tick these styling conundrums off your never ending wedding planning to do list. 

Scroll down to enjoy our nifty cheat sheet. 

Don't fight the environment:
This idea is two fold. Firstly, we mean physically. Style your hair, makeup and dress in a way that a little breeze or moisture isn't going to break down your look and leave you disappointed with the photos.  This is easy to do, just discuss with your hair and make up team. They know what works best against the elements.

Secondly, we mean aesthetically. Your back drop will naturally be fresh, bright and the tone dictated by the sand, sky and sea. We strongly recommend you own this and roll with it rather than competing with it. Don't add too many extra colours or structures to this back drop as it's most beautiful and effective the way it is. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.14.09 am.png


Set the dress code:
Theres no reason that a beach wedding has to be more casual than other weddings if you don't want it to be. There are ways to achieve a beautiful polished and elegant event even at the beach. 

Our first tip is to address the dress code on the wedding invitations to avoid the risk of people turning up underdressed. Cocktail is usually a safe option. 

Another hot tip is a  archway for the focus point of the ceremony and to frame the bride and groom. This adds a huge amount of polish and structure to an otherwise really open space. People also create great looks with sea gras and straw mats on the floors too allowing furniture and shoes to be used. 


Bridesmaid dresses:
Its seems common for people to pick bridesmaid gowns to match the sand. This is hard to do well. We feel it better practice to choose a tone of blue to create an elegant and harmonious colour pallet that stills pops in the photos. If blue is not for you pastels are also really effective.


In general long gowns keep a lot more uniformity and neatness and don't necessarily mean formality. There are plenty of boho or relaxed styles in our ranges that are long. 


Say no to Kitsch decorations:
People love a theme and don't get us wrong we like a little nautical or under the sea but don't go nuts. It is our best advice that less is more. It will achieve an elegant and simple setting for you to shine. Too many hanging starfish or "gone fishin" signs are very common and overdone. Don't be a number!



Guide the boys:
Ladies, its really not their area of expertise so lets give them a guiding hand.

The bride's gown should  be the benchmark for the level of formality for the bridal party. If she is wearing a big gown, then perhaps opt for a more elevated dress code. For the boys, the groom should really only wear a tux if the dress code is formal for everybody including the guests. His groomsmen should then also wear them then too.

Most people don't do formal for a wedding on the beach if we're totally honest but it is your day. If you're looking to create a chic and polished look suitable for the beach encourage the boys towards a lighter tone for the suits and even an open neck (no tie) looks great too.

Pack the essentials:
Anyone hosting an outdoor event in summer does assume a level of responsibility due to the weather. Water must be near and available throughout the ceremony. It helps with the longevity of the whole event, trust us. 

People also opt for cute fans, hats or parasols for guests too if they will be outside for a while. You can find an infinite number of well priced options on Etsy. 

I also suggest some sunblock wouldn't go astray. 



Fancy foot work: 
So, after all this golden advice you are still thinking "but what about their shoes?"

We advise giving guests the choice by providing a simple yet affective basket (cleverly signed of course) for them to put their shoes in upon entering the ceremony. If you want to be super fancy, its also possible to do a "shoe valet" with a ticket system. 

For the bridal party, we're going to go with a)leave shoes on. Its possible for the boys to wear loafers without socks and still look neat and tidy. The girls if wearing long dresses can opt for flat sandals or comfortable low heels as you wont see their feet anyway.



Hopefully we have diminished some of your queries for planning a beach wedding!

Please find our bridesmaid gown recommendations in the gallery below.