Theres No Such Thing as Old Navy

Illustration by  Graham Kemp

Illustration by Graham Kemp

You're going to reach many forks in the road when moving forward with your wedding planning. We can guarantee you that many of these are going to be style related. 

You have to decide your colour scheme, your dress, your accessories, your stationary, just to name a few!

 When deciding on your bridesmaid gowns you also have the added complications of the opinions of the bridesmaid themselves and what they feel they look best in.

Navy Pros and Cons (1).jpg

All of our designer dress collections already make this particular set of decisions much easier for you as we have a huge selection of shapes, colours and sizes available.

But having said that we want to let you in on a little secret...well actually, its not a secret but what we imagine is a very welcome reminder.  

Tick your bridesmaid styling off the list early and eliminate any unwanted back and fourth bargaining with your bridesmaids by making one wise decision very early on.

Navy Pros and Cons.jpg

Simply put: Choose navy bridesmaid gowns.

No one will complain, everyone will be happy and look beautiful and so you can move forward with everything else that you have to do.

See our favorite navy bridesmaid gowns we have in store now in the gallery below.