How To: Magnificent Wedding Manicures


Planning your style for your wedding day is one of the best parts! You can and your bridesmaids can have so much fun with makeup, accessories and of course your wedding manicures. 

Today we are going to break down some of the best styles we see on Pinterest and how to ask for them for your wedding day manicure.

Image credit: Fashion Lady

First things first is Shape. There are 7 shapes you can ask for. Stiletto or Ballerina may be a little extreme for your wedding day so we're going to to recommend Almond, oval or Squoval for weddings. 

When deciding length it really comes down to what you are comfortable with. Just make sure the bridesmaids aren't too long that they can't do up your dress!

Next up is Tone. There's so much choice out there but lucky for you we have done the leg work. Below is a list of the best colours on the market right now. 


Now we're at the fun bit, Design. You can go as ornate or as minimal as you like but a little shimmer or glitter can go a long way on your big day since everybody will be looking at your rings.  If you don't like shimmer or glitter a high gloss is a great option for you.

Below we have picked our fave wedding manicures from Pinterest and listed what you should ask your manicurist for to achieve that look.

Glitter and nude.jpg

Glitter +Blush

Ask for 'Almond' shape using Dior Vernis 'Icognito' and a gold glitter on 2 out of the 5 nails  .jpg

High Gloss

Ask for 'Oval' shape using OPI 'Tickle my France-y' and a high gloss top coat  .jpg

Twinkle Toes

Ask for 'Square' shape using Essie 'Not just a pretty face' with a gold glitter on the nail moon  .jpg

Wedding White

Ask for 'Rounded' shape with just 2 coats of OPI 'Funny Bunny' and a high gloss top coat

EcstasyCoffee  .jpg


Ask for 'Squared' using Essie 'Baby's Breath' and a silver glitter at the nail base

Rose Gold

Ask for 'Squared' using OPI 'Worth a pretty Penne' and some pink glitter at nail tip

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