Wedding Makeup Know How by Celebrity Makeup Artist Tobi Henney


We're so excited to continue to bring you coveted advice from the most in demand wedding industry insiders. Each month so far we have tackled important planning topics such as flowers or fitness and this month we are thrilled to address your beauty questions and queries with one of Australia's top beauty experts, Tobi Henney.

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Tobi Henney is a force to be reckoned with on the Australian beauty scene catering to celbrities such as Jesinta Franklin, Megan Gale and Shanina Shaik amongst many others. Tobi is well known for her creativity, versatility and flawless skin so you are in safe hands for wedding day beauty advice. 

We sat down with her in New York City, where she now resides, to get her wedding day advice exclusively for TBS.

Tobi, how should a bride or bridesmaid begin to approach a wedding day make up look? 

A source of visual inspiration such as Instagram or Pinterest and beauty sites such as Violet Grey, BYRDIE, Gritty Pretty. Magazines are a great place to start too. 

Do bridal parties normally observe trends or stick to classic makeup looks?

A bit of both. Overall your look should be classic and timeless. No one wants to look back in five, ten, twenty years and regret their makeup look. 

What is a current makeup trend that you think translates well into wedding day looks?


Fresh, dewy, luminous skin is always on trend for Brides! 

What are the best ways for them to get their skin looking their best for the wedding?

Stick to skincare regime suited to your skin type and definitely seek professional advise from the professionals. In Australia I send everyone to Jocelyn Petroni. She is a skin angel and will create a skincare program for you in the lead up to your wedding day. 


It seems everyone is focused on lips right now. Are there non  invasive ways that bridal parties can plump their pouts for big day?


There are many lip plumping balms and products on the market. I'm still happy with faking it with makeup. Over draw the lip line, use a lighter shade in lip colour with a gloss finish instantly creates larger looking lips.

Where are things at with lashes right now? For example I saw some strange magnetic ones online the other day...

I have always stuck to my own way of creating a custom lash using Ardell individual lashes. I can tailor them to the eye shape and use different lengths to achieve the best lash look for each client.

If a bridesmaid is wearing a particular coloured dress is there a rule for make up too? For example pink makeup with pink dresses?


Generally bridal parties look best in neutral tones - gold, nudes, taupes, pinks, plums. The dress can definitely sway which one of these tones is the best fit.

Do most bridesmaids get a matching make up look or is it acceptable for them to do whatever suits their faces best?

Everyone ultimately should look the best version of themselves and be comfortable with their makeup. If a Bridesmaid doesn't suit a graphic liner, simple leave it out of their look. 

What is the best way to maintain makeup looks during the long day?

Start the makeup by creating the right layers for longevity. Set creams with powders and ensure the T-Zone is matte and well powdered. Blot papers are a must in the clutch!

Lastly is there a makeup faux pas that we should warn all brides and bridesmaids to avoid?

I'm not a huge fan of strip lashes on a wedding day. If by chance a corner becomes loose; it could be  disastrous! 



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