Wedding Songs


One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is compiling the sound track. Its a hugely important part of the ambience of the day and a big way to share your thoughts and feelings with your guests.

You have a few key moments throughout the day that you should plan to match an important song to. We thought we would take some of The guess work out for you and outline them. 

  1. Whilst guests are being seated for the ceremony: The music played here really sets the tone for the ceremony. Some like songs of personal significance and some go for classic string quartets here too. Either way, it should feel calm and inviting as guestS will be chatting and getting to know one another whilst waiting for the Bride to arrive. 
  2. Walking down the aisle: Possibly the most emotionally charged song of the day, you want to nail this one. Whilst making your big entrance you have all eyes on you and trust me when I say everyone cries. You want something beautiful but not too soppy, after all, it's a happy occasion! A lot of people choose something classical here like Bridal Chorus, Wagner or Canon in D, Pachelbel. For a more modern option you can't go wrong with something by Adele, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran. 
  3. Signing of Wedding Documents: This is the part in the ceremony where you sign the wedding documents that officiate your marriage. Theres usually 3 documents and each have to be witnessed so it takes around 10 minutes. Again, go classic and light as you want something happy and entertaining whilst the guests wait. 
  4. "I now pronounce you man and wife:" This is where you will have your first kiss as man and wife so pick an amazing song! Personally, I think an oldie is a good idea here. We went with My Girl, The Temptations. People are going to clap and cheer so it makes sense here to have something fun and happy.  Guests will also come up to hug you and wish you well so something with a beat keeps the pace moving and joyful.
  5. Bridal Party Entrance: The party is starting so everything should be taken up a notch here. The ceremony has come to an end, guests have had a few champagnes whilst you had your photos taken and its time to celebrate and set a fun tone for the night. When the MC announces the bridal party, its great to have fun with it. Its very common for oldies to be played here too or something main stream so its familiar to the audience and therefore gets everyones excited for the night ahead.  Think Bruno Mars or The Beach Boys. 
  6. First Dance: This is a huge moment in the wedding and in your life as a couple. It feels like time stands still, you're the most in love you will ever be and in addition to that all eyes are literally on you. Its important you pick something meaningful to you both. Think about the moment you want to have and the deduce the song from there. Romantic?  Fun? Timeless?If you pick something important to you both, you can't go wrong! 
  7. Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances: These are always a nice touch in the celebrations. I personally don't think its needs to touch on a theme of parents and children as that really limits you but it should just be something that both parties can enjoy. A good suggestion is a classic redone or covered by someone modern. Michael Buble covering Frank Sinatra for example.
  8. Cutting of the cake: This is another opportunity to set the tone, you can have a playful moment or you can be romantic. It comes down to your personalities. More often than not its a fun moment and people choose a playful song to match. Theres lots of photos during this moment too so a smile is always a good look. Popular here are Queen, Billy Joel or Harry Connick Jnr for example. 
  9. Garter and Bouquet toss:  This part of the night is definitely optional but always a good way to rally the crowd and keep the momentum going. Its common for it to be directed at the girls so Beyonce, Salt N Papa and Blondie are popular in this part. Its also okay and fun to allude to the wedding night activities with some more risqué lyrics. Be sure to keep it tasteful though! 

Overall, you will get a lot of guidance from your band or DJ if you have hired one. They are a huge resource and take a lot of pressure off from you on the day as they will have their own playlists and suggestions ready to go. 

Sit down with your fiancé and make a list of the songs you both love and submit them to your band or dj so they can understand more about you and together you will nail it!

Its also very popular lately to ask guest to include a song they want to be played on the dance floor with their rsvp. This is a great way to ensure your hitting the mark for the dancing part of the night and keep the floor filled!