Wedding Planning 101: Etsy is Everything

Prior to becoming engaged you may never have used the "Arts and Crafts" site Etsy but let me tell you one thing... you cannot plan a wedding without it.

The amount of details you need to consider when hosting the most important event of your life is infinite and limited only by your time and your budget.

The best thing about Etsy is that "details" is what they do best and its all available in one handy place. Saving you a lot of time.

I used Etsy mainly for decorations and finishing touches at first as the sellers come up with a lot of ideas for you, taking out a lot of the sting of the wedding planning process.

However, it became so much more than that, the prices are very appealing, the categories are very user friendly and the choices are truly endless.

Personally I bought my veil, my seating chart, my table number holders, my bridesmaid robes, my hair accessories and some cute little gifts for the bridal party. 

It breaks weddings down for you into 6 categories:  Decorations, Accessories, Clothing, Gifts, Invitations and Jewellery.

In particular I think its strongest areas are in finishing touch details (cake knives, tableware, wishing wells etc) ,decor, cake toppers, signage and favours.

Find my top picks available now from Etsy in the gallery below and enjoy the planning process!

Please ask in comments for links to products from the gallery!

Caitlin Pope