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In our latest edition of the TBS Wedding Insider Series we continue to bring you exclusive wedding industry advice from top of the line industry experts. This month we sat down with the uber creative soul Lauren Dragosetti from Just Sayin' Girl. Each month so far we have tackled important planning topics such as flowers or fitness and this month we continue the journey with practical advice on wedding stationary and signage.

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Lauren, stationery is such a fun way to express oneself in the wedding process. How do people generally decide on a theme for their wedding stationery?

Usually my clients already have a theme in mind for the overall look of their wedding. This could be something as simple as knowing what colour they want featured to having a detailed moodboard of ideas. I’m refine those ideas into stationery for them. I also like to meet my clients when it’s possible to get an insight into their personalities before I start –that way I know I’m producing something that truly reflects them.

What are the essential stationery items couples will need in the lead up to a wedding? Save the dates etc.

Stationery plays a vital part in planning a wedding or large event. It is super important to inform your guests of the prospective date for the big day. So Save the Dates are a must along with engagement invites, wedding invites, place cards, order of ceremony booklets and of course – the menu! These days, with many couples having friends and family all around the world, I’m not only creating a lot of physical stationery to be posted but also e-stationery to be emailed or used on ‘wed’sites.


What is a great way to add a personalised touch to stationery?


Personalisation is the IT thing at the moment, particularly in the wedding industry. Most couples are interested in a ‘different’ approach to what is usually seen and this all starts from the wedding stationery. There are many different ways to personalise your wedding stationery, from having your individual guests names handwritten, to custom art or even a logo designed which can feature across all stationery and into the styling of the wedding.

Is it common for the bride and groom to receive a sample ahead of printing the big batches? 

It’s not common for the client to receive a printed sample prior to printing large batches unless the client requests for the standard digital printing. This is due to the costs associated with the setup of the machinery to print special finishes like foiling or letterpress. 
I always ensure I send my clients proof files for them to review before we go ahead a print. Additionally, when I have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with my clients, we discuss the printing options (of the suppliers I like to work with) and go through samples I’ve received from previous work the suppliers have created. This is a great way for the client to see the exact paper stock, colour and finishings. It also helps give them an idea of the cost it will take for these particular kinds of jobs.

Can you briefly summarise the order process including how many reviews the bride and groom may get?

When a client contacts me, whether it be via my website, instagram or through email, I always direct them back to my website where there is a form ready for them to fill out all the specific details of what they require. This has made the process a lot easier for both myself and the client as it gives them the opportunity to see what’s available to them so they can provide me with any specifics they need. Most of the time, my clients don’t know what kind of stationery they need for their wedding, so it’s a great way to give them insight into what most couples have and then allow them to choose accordingly. I’m very flexible with changes as I understand a wedding is very important to the bride and groom. I always allow up to 3 changes within the quote price.

What is an average price range for wedding stationery across the board?

Wedding stationery varies according to the budget set by the bride and groom for the overall wedding. Stationery averages from $300 up to in the thousands. This all depends on the intricateness of the design, the printing and the finishes (adding ribbon, folding etc.)

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Next up, how important is signage at a wedding?

Signage is vital! You want to make sure your guests feel comfortable, stress-free and informed at your wedding. This saves the MC or your ushers having to constantly repeat themselves, pointing the guests in certain directions or explaining the schedule of the day. Signage is perfect for this and non-invasive. 


The options seem endless. What are the essentials for signage on the day?


When it comes to signage, the options are endless and everything can have a sign from where the guestbook is to signs for each different type of sweet at the dessert bar. The most essential signs for the big day are a Welcome Sign for your guests to know they are at the right venue and a Seating Chart plus table numbers – to inform them of which table they’re placed. Even if you’re not doing a lot of signage, make sure you have them.


Do people need to spend a lot of money on this area or can costs be reduced if needed in areas such a paper choice? 

Costs are dependant on the look and feel the client is after. You can certainly save costs with standard digital printing but I like to always remind my clients that with special finishes (like foiling, letterpress or large scale work) is always going to endure a higher cost due to the set up.

What type of notice or turn around does someone in your position need to fulfil a wedding order?

I always like to begin the discussion with the client in the early stages of their wedding planning, to ensure we’re both on the same page of their creative vision for the overall look of the wedding. There is never a need to have all wedding stationery completed at once, so I encourage my clients to work with me as they go through the motions of the planning. For example, creating engagement invitations first and then a couple of months later the save the date will be done and so on. In regards to the wedding invitations, I always encourage my clients to have these printed 3 months prior to the wedding and all other wedding stationery for the big day, printed a month out. This limits the stress if changes are needed.

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